• Easy, Simple, Solar

    Because you deserve an electric bill that makes you smile.


  • Easy, Simple, Solar

    Because you deserve an electric bill that makes you smile.


Save money, save energy and install solar panels.

Sunflowr Network - Unlock The Power Of Solar Panels

At Sunflowr Network, we help residential and commercial clients harbor the power of solar energy. Rather than spend your hard-earned cash on electricity, we help customers turn their electricity bill into an investment with solar power. Every home has the potential to generate sustainable and renewable energy and your roof holds a major opportunity for you to save money and significantly reduce your energy bill. Our unique approach to solar panel installation means that we only partner with the top solar energy providers.

So if you want to enjoy the many benefits of solar power, contact our team today.

See if solar makes sense for your home.

Our advanced system analyzes your roof’s sun exposure and provides an accurate reading based on your homes location.

Evaluate your options with the help of a solar expert.

We don’t sell you on solar, we make sure you know exactly how solar works and all the options you have available.

Receive incentives & financing options.

We provide you the best financial options that work with you not against you.

Rainforest Trust



When we say we are in the business of building a sustainable future, we put our money where our mouth is. We are a proud corporate sponsor of one of the most successful and accredited conservation organizations on the planet.

To date, Sunflowr has funded the acquisition and protection of over 2,000 acres of rainforest globally. This land has been donated and safeguarded, helping to ensure the safety and future of numerous endangered species. We’re also proud to state that our efforts have safely stored an estimated 22,125 metric tons of carbon.

A special thank you to our brilliant conservation partner, The Rainforest Trust.

And of course, our wonderful growing base of clients!

What our clients say

Will I Benefit From Solar Installation?

Here are the main benefits of installing solar panels on your roof:

    • Take advantage of exclusive offers available through the Sunflowr Network.

             (i.e. no payments for 18 months!)

      • Increases the value of your home and property.
      • Significantly reduce your electricity bills.
      • Take advantage of government grants and incentives for going solar.
      • Standard 20 year warranty has you and your home covered.
      • Become more eco-friendly as a family or business.
      • Low maintenance cost.

To help you figure out if your property or office building has the potential for solar panel installation, please contact our team and we’ll answer any questions you may have. We use an advanced system to analyze your home’s sun exposure and determine whether you could be saving money by utilizing solar power. By calculating the size, height, angle of your roof and it’s exposure to the sun throughout the day, we can give you an accurate and reliable solar reading based on your specific location. With our expert help and professional guidance, you’ll be able to see your solar panel potential and decide whether this is the right decision for you and your family.

Since we don’t sell solar panels at Sunflowr Network, our team can provide a non-bias and reliable analysis regarding your unique solar panel installation plan that you can trust; We’re here for you. If you’ve been thinking about getting solar panels on your roof for a while now, feel free to contact our team today for more information. Advice and support is always free here at Sunflowr.

Find A Trusted Solar Panel Installer

By working with only the best solar panel providers, we help customers become more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to make solar installation your next big home improvement, or a commercial business hoping to cut energy bills in half, at Sunflowr Network we work hard to help you find the best solar panel provider.

Not only do we help customers here in the US, but we also purchase property globally to donate to international conservation parks, through our trusted and much-loved partner, The Rainforest Trust.

Help With Solar Panel Installation


After you’ve received your unique solar panel analysis from our experts, it’s time to make a decision. If you would like to unlock the benefits of solar power, our experts will be able to put you in touch with one of our trusted partners who specialize in solar panel installation.

If you require finance for solar panels, Sunflowr Network can also advise you on the best financial options available for solar power, and highlight any government grants or financial incentives currently available for homeowners in the US looking to become more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

If you’re struggling with a bad credit score, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Sunflowr Network today. We will be more than happy to provide help, advice and information in relation to credit repair, and ways to improve your home with solar power, even when bad credit is holding you back. We are proud partners with Carbon Credit who specialize in credit repair, so if you need help with a poor credit score, contact our team today.

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