The Process

Real-time Solar Estimate


A Quick Call

We’re not here to sell you on solar, we’re here to provide education. This call is for any questions you may have about going solar. If you wish to move forward, the roof inspection will be scheduled.

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Home & roof inspection

A representative will need to visit your home to inspect your roof, sun exposure and a few other factors. Only during this visit will you receive an accurate answer about the viability of solar for your home or business.


Review System Design

A unique solar panel system will be designed for your home and roof. Your system will be designed to maximize efficiency, while maintaining a sleek and beautiful appearance. All of your financing options will be provided at this stage. The offset guarantee means that your payments every month will never be higher than before you had your system. Just like your home equity, this means that you are owning your power over time and no longer losing money to the energy companies

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Save Big

Sit back, relax and watch your roof pay your bills. Not to mention the increase in your home’s value! It really is that simple. Enjoy no payments for 18 months through the Sunflowr Network.